Belma Vardy, of Celebration of Dance, featured on The Miracle Channel, 100 Huntley Street, Reach Out for Life Ministries and Arise Brantford 93.9 FM CFWC.FM--FM93.9 Online Radio Canada

Reaching the Far North

Belma Vardy is interviewed on 100 Huntley Street where she shares about teaching worship dance to the Inuit people in the far north of Canada. Belma’s heart was to help bring out that dance that was already in them. God stirred their hearts and their dance became an expression of their own hearts within the context of their culture.

Worship Dance Sets Us Free

Lifeline, on the Miracle Channel, features Belma Vardy as she shares her own store of traumatic abuse at the hands of her mother and how God rescued and restored her. She shares how God introduced her to worship dance. At the right time He released her to produce worship dance videos and leading workshops, in many countries,  that bring others into a deeper experience with God through creative movement.

Dancing Away Grief

Reachout to Life Ministries interviews Belma about how God stirred in her a desire to express herself in movement in the privacy of her home long before she ever heard of the term “worship dance”.

It was to become an expression of worship in her life that God used to bring healing and restoration to individuals, families, and entire congregations world wide.

Surviving the Berlin Wall

A gripping 4-part testimony! Arise Brantford 93.9 FM CFWC.FM--FM93.9 Online Radio Canada interviews Belma Vardy and we hear a story of the brutal & terrifying events with being Berlin Wall massacre survivors ….from extraordinary abuse, separation, abandonment, rejection to a dramatic encounter with Jesus! Hear how Belma's painful experience is setting others free to have divine encounters of His Presence!