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Liturgical Worship Dance Vision

Worship dance is our expression of love to God that comes out of pressing into a deeper with Him. Celebration of Dance seeks to encourage, on both an individual and corporate level, the novice and professional dancer alike, to draw near before God with a pure and wholesome expression of worship. See our liturgical worship dance vision page for more details.

Liturgical Worship Dance Product Resources

We offer DVDs, videos, streamers, flags and teaching resources. Our inspirational DVDs "inspire" and provoke your own creative potential. Our instructional DVDs show a clear step by step teaching of the songs and the choreography that goes with them.

Liturgical worship dance DVDs cater to all ages. The "Let's Dance" DVD, featuring the Veggie Tales, is contagious, guaranteed to satisfy the hearts of those ages 5 to 8 years of age. "Devotional Dance Workshop" is for youth and adults and is foundational for anyone seeking to use creative movement as a means a deeper intimacy with God. "Breakout" takes dance to the streets. "The River of Healing", in both English and French subtitles, demonstrates how creative movement can be used to bring an entire congregation into a deeper place of restoration with one another and God. Our liturgical worship dance instructional series: Action Songs for Worship DVDs, provide an easy resource for learning new songs. Check our products page for a complete listing and description of all our DVDs.

Liturgical Worship Dance Related Resources

Liturgical Worship Dance Video Clips

On all our DVD product pages we have provided a short 1 to 2 minute video clip so that you have an idea of the theme, tone and content of most of our DVDs before you order them. Watch 30 min tues of us interviewed on the Miracle Channel. This is an additional resource that can provide you with ideas and inspiration to get started in worship and movement, or to build on the foundation you already have.

Worship Liturgical Dance Products Can Be Ordered By Credit Card or Mail In Payment

We use CCNOW to process your credit card purchases. They are the professionals in providing a safe and secure method to order on-line. If you prefer to mail in your payment we have that option as well. Visit our ordering information page for more details.

Worship Dance Video Customer Reviews

"I just wanted to share with you how very blessed my children were in the 3 different classes that I teach with the DVDs, "I Lift Your Name on High" & "Now is the Time". I wish you could have seen their faces filled with delight. They were all up and doing their very best to copy what they saw - and for many, I know this was their first time seeing this kind of worship." TAMMY
"I have truly been blessed by the Now is the Time DVD.. The variety of forms of worship through dance in the Spirit is wonderful." JANICE HAMILTON

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