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Fostering inner healing and freedom
About Belma Vardy

For over 35 years, Belma Vardy has traveled to Europe, South Africa, Asia, and throughout North America inspiring people of all ages and denominations to discover intimacy with God through creative movement and worship dance. Her ministry touches people in areas such as inner healing, deeper experiences of the Father’s love and new levels of freedom in worship. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, she has produced all the worship dance videos/DVD’s for children, youth and adults you find on this website. 

She has appeared on the Miracle Channel, 100 Huntley St. and Reachout Ministries. She served as the National Coordinator for adult worship dance for the Christian Dance Fellowship of Canada for 7 years. Due to her special love for children she was appointed the co-ordinator for the International Christian Dance Fellowship’s (ICDF) Network for Children’s Dance under the umbrella of ICDF. Belma lives in Ontario Canada, the home base for her Celebration of Dance ministry.

About Celebration of Dance

Our focus is first to foster a deeper intimacy with God, for out of that comes a response to worship in dance and movement. Our blog has a strong emphasis on learning how to connect more closely with Our Heavenly Father. 

The second thing with all our worship dances is that we teach choreography that is easy to learn. We don’t pretend to be a dance company. Our mission is not to train people to become dancers, but to be a catalyst that helps release others to worship in freedom, in their own way,  whether in a private or public setting. worship dance resources are stepping into a realm that is often new and a bit intimidating. 

Celebration of Dance believes we all have a God-given dance within each of us and that dance is expressed in different and widely creative ways in the context of worship. We simply want to create a safe place for that dance from the heart to be expressed.

Our Mission

To build relationship, train, coach, support, encourage, help, strengthen & love all people that the ministry comes in contact with. To see the glory & kingdom of God be established throughout the nations.

Our Vision

TThe vision of Celebration of Dance is to foster intimacy with God, on both an individual & corporate level through teaching and encouragement of children, youth & adults to express their hearts in pure & wholesome worship through dance & movement.

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Ministry of Celebration of Dance
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